External Projectwise Portal Frequently Asked Questions
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CDMSmith External Setup Instructions

What Browsers Are Supported?

I can logon to the site, but it is not allowing me to download or upload files

I have added the site to trusted sites, but still cannot download or upload files.


Q: What Browsers Are Supported?

A: You need to install two ActiveX controls in order to upload and download files from the web portal. 
Only Internet Explorer supports ActiveX, thus only   IE10 and IE11 are certified to work with CDM Smith's Projectwise Web Portal. 
Click Here for instructions

Q: I can logon to the site, but its not allowing me to download or upload files.

A: There is a new version of the Projectwise Web Portal, which should prompt you to install an ActiveX control. The default control is 68MB and will take 5-10 minutes before you are prompted for the install. For a quicker install of the required ActiveX control that is 15MB use the link above to download the control and have a system administrator (you need admin rights) install it.

A. With IE 11, to install the Active X control, go to tools>install File ProjectWise File Transfer Plug In.

NOTE: This requires temporary administrator privileges. You may need to contact your system administrator/IT department to install this.

Click this information bar, and you will be prompted to install the Web Components.

If you are not seeing this prompt, your IE security settings may also be preventing the necessary ActiveX controls from installing or running.  While you may be able to access the site with more restrictive settings, the following steps are used by CDM Smith staff and have been verified to work correctly with CDM Smith's external ProjectWise portal.  You will add pwe.cdmsmith.com to the trusted sites zone, and if necessary lower the security settings of that zone.

Configuring IE.  First add https://pwe.cdmsmith.com to the Trusted Sites Security Zone.

  1. From Tools>Internet Options (in Internet Explorer) click on the Security Tab.
  2. Click on the Trusted Sites Icon
  3. Click on the Sites Button.
  4. On the Trusted sites dialog box, enter https://pwe.cdmsmith.com and click add.
  5. IE8 users need to uncheck the Enable Protected Mode Checkbox for the Trusted Sites Zone.
  6. Click OK twice to return to Internet Explorer.

For most users, this change should be enough to allow the Active X controls to install into IE, which will allow the portal to function properly.

Q: I have added https://pwe.cdmsmith.com to trusted sites, and when I visit the site, Trusted Sites appears in the bottom right corner of the Internet Explorer window, however I still cannot download files.

A: If you are using IE8, ensure you have unchecked the Enable Protected Mode checkbox.  If that does not resolve your problem, on the security tab in Internet Options, click on the Trusted Sites Icon, then click on the Custom Level button.  At the custom level, set the custom settings to Low.  The default level for Trusted Sites is Low for IE8 and Medium for IE 6 and IE 7.

Setting the security level to Low will only apply to sites that are specifically added to the Trusted Sites zone.